Let's Write Life Services


Programs will run based on the event calendar for the year. Women Strategy and Marriage mediation sessions will run year round. The Best of me program will run 1-2 times per year starting in April 2023. Start promoting that in Feb 2023.

For the woman seeking to discover her purpose, restore her hope and joy to begin living her next chapter of life…this is your beautiful new beginning. This 2hr session is a starting point to figuring out who you are, what you want to do with your life, and how to achieve it. In this session,

  • I will lead a guided visual journaling experience of unique journaling prompts to guide the start of your journey.

  • We will discuss where you stand in life and understand what’s on your heart for this next chapter of your life.

  • I will help you unlock any areas that feel foggy, unclear, challenging, discouraging, or maybe even scary for you to overcome in order for you to move forward.

  • Together, we will write your vision and develop a plan of next steps for you to begin your new journey forward.

You will receive a recording from the session.

Turn the page and Let’s Write Life. Now is the time. Book your session and let's work together to be happy and start living life again in brand new ways.



ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS + WALK IN YOUR PURPOSE RIGHT NOW! A full 4-5 Hour VIP session to lay out Er’thang! This strategy session is best suited for women who are ready for life change and want to take a leap of faith to get a jumpstart on their life goals and dreams that have been stagnant, stuck, or standing still for wayyyy too long. Let's begin the journey for you to start reaching your goals in the next 30-90 days.

This session can be held in person or via Zoom.

I will facilitate a strategy session for you and lay everything out on paper and start to create the plan to reach your life goals. In this session:

  • We will discuss your desired goals and vision you want to achieve.

  • We will use various journaling strategies to write your vision as you share what's on your heart and mind to build your clarity around your goals.

  • I will listen and assess any challenges that have been preventing you from achieving these goals on your own.

  • You will receive a solid strategic plan outlining your goals for you to take action in the next 30-90 days.

  • We will begin working together on one of your major goals during this session to give you a positive start.

  • I will provide next steps, resources, and action items to move forward.

You will receive a recording from the session.

This is your due season. Now is the time. Book your session and let's work together to bring that vision in your heart to life.


The Best of Me Program is a personal development program for women of faith who are ready for life change and desire to take the next steps to move forward with achieving their desired life. This program supports women where they are right now and gives them structure and guidance for them to develop the vision of where they desire to go in their life, define who they desire to be, and works with them to create a strategy for them to achieve their goals. The program provides ongoing knowledge, accountability, and resources that will lead them to where they want to go.

If you’ve been trying to achieve a better life, but desire support, direction, and accountability to move forward, let’s rewrite the narrative! Take on a 12-month personal development journey to walk in faith, reach your goals, and reveal just how powerful you are. Not knowing your next step, fear, or feeling stuck when “life happens” will no longer be your story. This inspiring program experience incorporates both group sessions as well as private 1:1 mentoring sessions with Latonia over the course of one FULL YEAR! You will gain the knowledge, support, accountability, resources, next steps, and access to “purposeful” connections to finally pursue your life goals and truly become THE BEST of who you are.

In the first 8 weeks of the online course you will learn how to:

  • Build your self-awareness of who you are are what you are capable of

  • Overcome your fear of the unknown, face change, and let go (rejection, being hurt)

  • Breakthrough obstacles with mental health that have held you back in life

  • Define your core values and what truly makes you happy in life

  • Set life goals with a clear strategy to move forward in the next 30-90 days

  • Choose your happiness, say “No” to others, and set boundaries with effective strategies

  • Show up for yourself in ways that positively allow you to live a happier, more confident life.